Liner notes thanks to Richie Hofherr

Intro to MAKTUB - Kenning
Kraig - Guitar
Jeff Thomas - Percussion

Peace - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals, Guitar and Slide
Jeff Thomas - Drums
Jim Seidel - Bass
Scott Stevenson - Organ
Tamara Anderson - Vocals

Run With The Wind - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals, Guitar and Slide
Larry Ortega - Percussion
Jim Seidel - Bass
Tamara Anderson - Vocals
Bo Davis - Electric Guitar

Wishi Ta
Kraig - Vocals, Guitar and Slide
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Percussion
Tamara Anderson - Vocals
Steve Arvey - Vocals

Like We Used to - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals, Guitar and Slide
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Drums and Percussion
Scott Stevenson - Organ
Tamara Anderson - Vocals

Iris - Kenning
Kraig - Dobro

Little Martha - Duane Allman
Kraig - Dobro

Alone - Kenning
Kraig - Dobro

Iowa - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals, Guitar and Dobro
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Percussion
Craig Williams - Organ, Vocals and Guitar
Bo Davis - Guitar

Sonic Blues - Kenning
Kraig - Dobro

Round and Round - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals and Guitar
Jim Seidel - Bass
David Rush - Percussion
John Rice - Bazooki
Thom Griffin - Vocals and Vocal Arrangement
Mick Archer - Organ
Steve Arvey - Vocals

Just A Dream (Corkscrew) - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals, Dobro and Slide
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Percussion
Tamara Anderson - Vocals

Flying High - Kenning
Kraig - Vocals
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Drums

Like We Used to (Reprise) - Kenning
Kraig - Slide
Jim Seidel - Bass
Jeff Thomas - Drums
Scott Stevenson - Organ

Recorded At Dr. Caw Studio in Northbrook, IL.
Engineered By Craig Williams
Recorded At Sonic Recording in Cape Coral, FL.
Engineered By Bo Davis
Mixed By Craig Williams @ Dr. Caw Studio
Recorded in Kraig's Bedroom in Streamwood, IL.

Thanks to my roadie and friend Andy (Andq) Wera for all his help above and beyond the call of duty. Matt Quinnan my retired roadie who still shows up once in awhile. Steve Arvey for not taking his Mic's back! Bo Davis for allowing me to hang, crash, record and just be his studio on the cape. Bob (Universal Slim) Rader for opening his museum and loaning me vintage gear. Of course brother Kevin, the infamous webmaster.

CD Art: Kevin Connolly
Photo's: Dimitri Nicoli Jansen, Debra Lee Lemieux, Bob Gelb, Donna Weida
Graphic Design and Layout: Richard Hofherr for

All songs produced by Kraig except when Craig had better ideas.
All songs Copywritten 2002 Great Horned Records.

Intro to MAKTUB First of all to know the meaning of MAKTUB, you must read the book The Alchemist. During live shows I tend to jam out on the owl guitar. It's usually tuned to open c. It actually all started with longer versions of drowning in love. I pulled a few hooks from the more recent jams and added Jeff on african drum and rusty something or other. It's a groove.

This is one of those I'll only play in my kitchen songs for friends and myself. Well thats where it started off. I wrote it for a dear friend and have since adopted it for other dear friends. Yes I know it sorta sounds like heavens door but as I said I wasn't going to record it. I think it's my favorite on the record. I did the electric slide down at Bo's in Cape Coral.

Run With The Wind
One of the earlier songs to be completed. Wrote this on the tacoma tenor guitar while I was stuck in traffic on my way to Chicago from the Suburbs. If you have this in your life I'm very happy for you.

Wishi Ta
As far as I know this is an American Indian chant that compares life to a river. Sometimes running smooth and straight and other times rough and rocky. An old spirit brought it from Rochester, NY to Florida and taught it to me there. I sing it often to myself.

Like We Used To
An old song I finally recorded. That whole love you like a friend, but I have a new lover thing mixed in with a bit of sarcasm. My buddy Jay always wanted me to record this one, I wonder if he'll like it.

Sounds a bit like the intro on Every Precious Moment, but what the heck I can steal from myself. Did this at Bo's too.

Figure it out!

Little Martha (sort of)
I was turned on to some peach heads via email by a high school buddy southpaw. They came to see me in Punta Gorda, Florida. Since they went out of their way I threw together a strummed version of L.M. and while hanging at Bo's Magnatized it. It's a dobro in open d tuning.

Caw baby surprised me and crept into the studio late one night and put organ, guitar and vocal overdubs on this one. What a nice surprise. The secret to this song is Iowa is referring to where this guy lives and his little girl named Iowa. I wrote the beginning of this in the Roeder's kitchen in Dubuque, IA.

Sonic Blues
If anyone can tell you about the blues its Bo and Kraig late night at sonic recording.

Round and Round.
Wow. This one was finished two years ago. Right after EPM was released I recorded this mostly in my basement. What a crew on this one.

Just a dream
Most of this went down on the porch of a cabin at the corkscrew sanctuary outside of Naples, FL. Thanks Brook for the awesome piece of the planet to stay at.

Flying High
It's all true, It's one of those where my soul beats my brain to the lesson. Maybe Someday I'll get it. Hope you like it Glenna.

Like We Used To
We had the tracks for the first version. So I put some slide down and caw cut and pasted.

So you need sometime to be by yourself
and no one else can see this through
when all your healing finally brings you peace
I will be waiting here for you.

I send you peace my friend
and how I wish I could be
resting in your arms
with all your love next to me

I'll watch this one I love take a walk
so that one day she can fly
and I will be here if her whole world stops
from now until the end of time


Live today and let tomorrow be
the other side of your dreams
when were finished here I'll rejoin you
where the sky will meet the seas

Run With The Wind

I will run with the wind and come back to you my friend
with a song in my heart and the places I have been
and all I've been through I will live through you again
with my breath on your cheek and the warm touch of your skin

Thoughts overflowing this love that's all knowing
is taken me back home

From the star lit shores to the dark side of the street
like a broken hour selling soul to kings and queens
when this endless search has beat me to my knees
thats when I think of you and I know it's all in reach

Memories are slipping these gears keep on shifting
taken me back home

From the mountain peaks to the valleys far below
beneath the sea or above the moon lit glow
speeding down rails to places long ago
where the thought of you is all I need to know.

Miles pass below me this love keeps on growing
taken me.

I will run with the wind and come back to Jacqueline
with a song in my heart and the places I have been
and all I've been through I will live through you again
with my breath on your cheek and the warm touch of your skin


The sky is heavy with the coming snow
It's hanging over like a grey ghost
the ice is taking quite a hold and the mighty muddy is damn near froze

I can't believe it gets this cold
and every year its the same old
I tell myself I should go but
something keeps this place my home

There's a cold front coming
there's a storm on the way
you can barely see the headlights
shining through the grey
highway 20 is all but closed down
and there ain't no other way out of this town
Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, why'd ya leave me here.

Early may in the morning
there you came without warning
I saw my life flash before me
when I saw you, the tears came falling
I never known love till this day
well I saw heaven in your face
all I gave you was a name
before I let you slip away



Like We Used To

So ya found someone thats love is true
and he can help you out as you try to undo
the time we shared and mistakes we made
is this the real thing girl or just another phase

I said goodbye, you say lets keep in touch
all this learning hurts so much
cause when I see you, I go through it again
now your in love and you still need a friend

Tell me do you love him like we used to
do you do the things we used to
do you share your secrets well ya know you should
when you stare into his eyes is it understood

Don't want no lectures and you don't want the truth
so how can I explain what I'm going through
you got your cake now you can eat it too
I lied about your singing, I lied about you
why do you call me to satisfy a need
or keep me at bay like a possibility
odds are against it and I think you should know
there's no room for me in your new show

Do you walk below the stars above
when he holds you in his arms, who do you think of?

Flying High
I don't want to hurt, I don't want to make people cry
I just want to live with you, before I die
I don't want to wait, I don't want to have to do time
I just want to give you all of mine
I don't want to keep you all for me
I just want to see you flying free
I don't want to take, don't want to make
I don't want to waste all this beauty
I don't want to think
I don't even need to know why
I just want to walk with you side by side
I don't want to fake, I don't want to have to tell lies
I just want to talk to you with no disguise
I don't want to own, just want to grow
I just want to know, I'm in your soul
I don't want to take, don't want to make
I don't want to waste all this beauty
I don't want to keep, I don't want to make you all mine, I just want to see you free flying high.

Just A Dream
Woke up in my bed sunlight in my eyes
looking for the love I held last night
was it just a dream like so many nights before
or is there something waiting just outside that door
pulled on both my shoes head on to the porch
guess I'll take a walk and see what's in store
was it just a dream or is there something more
is there love out wading off some distant shore
there were great big smiles neath heavenly lights
and when the moon fell low she kissed me goodnight
was it just a dream that came to point me towards
so much more meaning than life had before
life is just a dream that never lets us down
when all that we wish for finds its way around.

Round and Round
I fell in love for the first time for the third time today
I knew I had finally met my match
when I looked in her eye I knew she was the one
when she left she left me with that

I passed by a friend who was passed by the time
I asked him how long he'd been there
He looked straight through me with a cold dark stare
and vanished into thin air

We made John a legend and we made him pay the price
with a 50 dollar pistol and a roll of the dice
well you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get
with a body full of holes and clothes drenched in red

Round and round we all go, where it stops we don't know
we don't know, no, we don't know

Most of the time don't go as planned it mostly just goes too fast
and all of the faces along the way slip into the past

Hans left for Rio with a fist full of gold he said he'd never work for no one no more
He played the numbers long enough, he paid his last due when they turned their backs on the cash, he made his move.

When Billy fell in, he fell real hard
she reached into his chest and pulled out his heart
she threw it down on the ground and crushed it neath her heels
isn't that just like a friend to show him how to feel

I said that I do then I do what i want
she said that she's through with this road that I'm on
she said that I wasted half of her life
If I was half a man, I'd have said goodbye


Copyright © 1997-2006 Kraig Kenning
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