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12/30/04 - Carole -

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kraig, Your old friend Kevin P is playing New Year's at Porter's in Crystal Lake I hope to see you there! Looks like you won't be back around till April Have a great trip!! See you at the library in May! Use your sun screen,, Carole

12/22/04 - joshuacreek -

Quote from Lower 5 - ""I've never seen them kiss, but not everyone is a love-struck Romeo like myself and, besides, look where it's gotten me.:"" ((Where?))

Merry Christmas to Kraig, where ever you are!

12/17/04 - ric bianchi -

Tried to send e-mail to you before. I talked to you after the performance at Corn Fest. Thanks for your kind words and for reviewing my CD. I keep missing the chance to see you solo as when your close to chicago I seem to be working the same night. Seasons Greetings as it looks you'll warming up in Florida - I think that is called good planning.

Ric Bianchi

12/11/04 - georg -

really an excellent site - let it rock...

greetz from vienna and have a wonderful christmas-time !!

12/10/04 - Billy -

Just dropped in to say hello. Jonesin for somme of your tunes. Our house in CO should be ready end of January 2005. Hoping to move there by the end of February. Keep you posted. Billy

12/05/04 - mary boudreau -

Sorry I missed your november show in sarasota, but I will catch you in february. remember one of your many great massages? anyway carry on bringing music to the world

11/23/04 - Mari -


Just a note to you of heart felt wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!


11/21/04 - George -

Kraig, Jim - thank you, thank you SO MUCH!!! My GOD, what a music! You know what "Dobro" means in Russian? It means "Good", "Goodness". What a coincidence - your music is full of goodness. I can't get enough of your music.

My thanks to Matt as well.

11/16/04 - Kenny H -

Hey Kurt Karcass! How about a Winston? Hey man I'll be looking for you 11/21 in the Alpine Village. Kenny H

11/16/04 - Molly -

KRAIG'S MUSIC !!!! ! ! ! !!!!

Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow night in Bradenton!

10/30/04 - Road Dog -

WOW KRAIG!!! Your show last night at Charlotte's Web was awesome. You were FAB-"YOU"-LOUS. I'm glad we finally made it to Rockford. It was well worth the trip. Was that last song planned or did that little old lady in the audience influence you? Whatever, it was the magic touch to a great evenings entertainment. And Jim never sounded better either. There was a whole lot of love in that theater last night. Big"D" & bigger "B"

10/30/04 - Steve Bernhard -

Kraig, Still high from last night's show in Rockford. I brought my brother who had not seen you before and he was impressed. Thanks for adding "Every Precious Moment" for your encore. For me that's your "Stairway To Heaven," I'll be dissapointed if I go to a show and don't hear it. Keep doing what you do because the world needs this great music.

10/22/04 - William (Bill) Platt -

Hi again Kraig, I met you a few weeks ago in Bristal,WI at a library show that was very well recieved. I wanted to give your brother some kudos for the fine web site.(I can't find his link though) After doing some more reading I see we have mutual friends.Before my spending the past 3 years performing on cruise ships I performed 8 years in New Orleans. Before that I spent some 20 years in Colorado,mostly in Crested Butte and remember Dave Anderson well. Maybe Les Choy, and or Papa J rustle up some Flash's! I used to play the Vic in Salida quite often and still have a brother living there and many friends. Gunnison is where I attained my degree in music. This thread is getting long so....I'll just say...keep up the fine performances and continue to spread joy and peace (and smiles) where ever you may sojourn. HOME is where you smile!

10/16/04 - Michael "Blind-Dog" Gatewood -

Every one needs to check out this great slide guitar man. Col. “Blind-Dog” Gatewood

10/08/04 - Jim Moses -

Kraig, Just saw you for the first time at the Salem Library and was really knocked out by your skills. Looking forward to your return to the area next May at the Antioch Library.

All the Best,

Jim Moses

09/24/04 - cheryl -

hey kraig , carson's wife and her sister are going to be giving you a call they want to come visit! she will bring her glasses! heeheehee

09/23/04 - Brooks -

Just got the Maktub CD. "Peace" is one of the best things I think you have ever done. Come out west sometime. Nevada and California are warm in the winters also.

Peace to all,


09/18/04 - Dr.Maga -

A very nice site keep it up but i don land here ooo

09/15/04 - Bob "Yeti" Fredericksen -

Just finished watching the DVD, excellent stuff as always. A great addition to the collection. Nice to see you still have some of the same "cool live moves" as I remember from over a decade ago. 8=) I hope to see you live again soon Kraig. All my best, always...

09/13/04 - Bob -

My grandparents gave me your cd "Maktub" to listen to... I like it a lot. I also checked out your Halloween show on DVD, pretty cool stuff. I definitly want to check you out live... I'll be at the Lakeside Inn show on 10/28.

09/13/04 - Rose -

Happy Belated Birthday Kraig, Hope you are doing well, I was vacationing in Jamaica for your birthday so I hope it was a good one. We are definitely getting up there aren't we!? Hope to catch your show in Plainfield

09/06/04 - dud -

Recovering from 25 years of drugs and alcohol the spriit in me finally has found its way and as I meditate and reflect while running in the early morning hours YOUR music hits many feelings and memories and speaks of things in the past and things to come in the furture. Thank for the musical journey as I head down yet another path paved with humility

09/06/04 - hailaends -


we are a rock band from austria called hailaends! you can download our music from www.hailaends point com/downloads.htm


09/05/04 - Cara and Paul Dimmick -

Hello, Kraig! Hope you had a Happy Birthday! I'm sending you "Good Vibes" for the competion.Proud of ya! We look forward to seeing you soon! We are praying for all your friend and loveds ones in FL. Take care! Peace

09/04/04 - Cher Siegel -

Happy birthday, Kraig, and best of luck in the upcoming competition.

Glad to see in the guestbook that someone besides me in the Twin Cities of MN is anxious to introduce their friends to your great music. I'd love to hear you again in person. I've been back in MN for 3 years now.

09/04/04 - Sydd -

who has a birthday today? duh................ lemme guess.............. HAPPY DAY TO YOU, KRAIG. enjoy it for what it is. Cya soon, Sydd

09/04/04 - Webmaster -

What award winning singer/songer writer/slide guitarist was born on this day?

09/04/04 - Christina Lorenzen -

Your music and spirit and creativity speaks volumes to me. I make clay things, and now I am an elementary art teacher. Are any of your cds just instrumentals? Or flavored for kids? I love your song about Katy.

Thank you for sharing. You are one of a kind.

Christina Lorenzen

08/30/04 - JON -

Stop by and say hi if your ever in the area!!!

TRADER JONS 1514 Cedar Lake Rd Round Lake Beach, Il. 60073

(847) 740-5000

GUITARS GUITARS GUITARS, and a whole lot more!!!!!

08/30/04 - bob ball -

your set at the corn fest wasn't long enough. But what there was, was really great. You got jammin real good. When you get going like that, your arm would break off befor I got tired of listening to you. see you soon,,BOB

08/30/04 - Road Dog -

My gosh, that was the shortest gig I've ever seen you do. We were all just getting warmed up & boom-it was over. What there was, was great, though.

Hope the weather is good Fri. We'll try to come catch your show at Charlie Fox's. D & B

08/30/04 - Liz -

Caught your show at the Corn Fest...AWESOME Hope to catch you out and about again

08/29/04 - big steve -

hi kraig ,it's been awhile,missed u at the house ,was fishing, hope to see u today at corn fest . nice website, somebody put some time into it , great job, see u soon

peace and love throughout the world


08/23/04 - Dan Johnson -

Hey... It's been a while since I checked out your site.... Been even longer since I "signed" the GUESTBOOK. One of these days I'm hoping to see CALIFORNIA on your Tour Schedule. I am digging your music and am still dying to actually SEE & HEAR you play it live. I'm imagining a little gig with you, Roy & Norton... Could be so cool....



08/12/04 - Chris -


Waited all summer for a Minneapolis show! Haven't seen one yet... 8?) I have a host of friends that I need to introduce to your music. Please come play up here in Viking country! It's an untapped market for you.


08/11/04 - Mari -


On August 11, 2003, I saw you perform at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg, MD. A year has passed and you are still touching my heart through your music. Come back to Maryland.

From the heart...Mari

08/10/04 - Billy -

Looking forward to seeing your performance in Salida, CO on 9/18. Isn't this funny. The last time we saw you was in Salida and we liked the place so well we are moving there. The framing should be up on our house there by 9/18. I think it is a stitch. Sydd and I sometimes wonder what we have in common. The first time we saw you live in concert got us excited about music. Obviously we follow you closely but we have started to learn more about the Blues artist old and new. Sydd bought a John Lee Hooker CD for me recently. We attend the St. Louis area blues events with more regularity these days. We have also started collecting some classical and pop by Italian artist. There is really no end to the places music can take you. We got started exploring music together as a result of having the shared interest in your music. You might be amazed to know how much your music really does effect the lives of people you touch with your songs. Regards, Billy

08/08/04 - Tim Chmielewski -

Amazing talent! Caught your show at the 2004 Chicago Blues Festival. Your music made the trip worthwhile. Thanks!

07/18/04 - Donna & Bob -

Yo,Guitarman, How do you do it? How do you get better every time we see you? We really enjoyed your performance at The Falling Rock Cafe.It was worth the trip. And the people & the place were so great. Plus love that North Country with all it's beauty

It was fun surprising you. Bob especially gets a kick out of it. Keep your eyes open-never know when & where we will show up.

Next time you're at Park Place come say hi. Donna & Bob

07/18/04 - Sarah Crow Wolf -

Hey Kraig! Was doing a fly by and Crow Landed on your sight to catch up with your adventures...happy to see all the blessings in your life and your integrity of gratitude...Crow hoping to land at Corn Fest!!!!!! peace and solace from Kentucky Sarah

07/13/04 - Laura -

Kraig, I said it before but it's certainly worth repeating - you have such fantastic energy and it's such a pleasure to listen to you play.

Thanks for another great performance and I enjoyed having a chance to talk with you after the show.

If I don't see you before, enjoy your vacation! (Say hi to that trooper for me)

Take care, Laura aka Schaumburg but not really

07/08/04 - Sydd -

looks like salida is becoming a habit.................

07/05/04 - Holger Meerbote -

I first saw your perform at the old Vail St. coffee house in Arlington Heights circa 1995. After that place closed, I lost track of you until happening upon you playing at Custer's Last Stand in Evanston this year. I picked up your brochure and noticed you were going to be at Frontier Days on July 4th and made a point of catching your performance. And what a great show it was!

06/30/04 - t -


06/29/04 - phlossy -

Kraig, What happened? You used to write. You used to call. Something I said? Glad to see you're busy doing what you do well. All my best.


06/29/04 - Vicki Lee -

Hello Kraig, Enjoyed visiting your great site! Love the guitar tunes..also congrats on your award! Yours in Music, Vicki Lee

06/27/04 - The Boomers -

Keep up the music Kraig. I hope Sheri is right and we can make The Kable House in Mt. Morris an annual event. Awesome concert and a lot of fun. There is no better way to celebrate great music than this kind of house show.

06/25/04 -

Wow, the guestbook hasn't worked since 6/3 and nobody said anything!

06/25/04 - Sheri -

Hey Kraig, This is a little late in writing but wanted to thank you for the great house show at the Kable House in Mt. Morris. Hopefully we can make this type of gathering an annual event! Everyone enjoyed the evening of your awesome tunes. Keep those house parties going.... Peace to ya......... : ) Sheri

06/23/04 - GUYMAN -


06/22/04 - Laura -

Kraig, you emanate such incredible energy in your music and your spirit. To say I enjoyed your performance would certainly be an understatement.

I'm grateful to have happened upon that stage at that time in Evanston of all places -

Thank you, Laura

06/20/04 - Kim Dahm -

Hi Kraig, I was at the Evanston Custer street fair and I heard you play for the first time. I am now your groupie. Thank you for the beautiful music and talent. It was a real joy to see and here you play. Thank you, Kim

06/16/04 - Blues Fest -

Wow, kraig was awesome at blues fest this year. Everyone he did not come missed out...

06/14/04 - casey ernst -

hi! my dad does most of the printing work for you and has introduced your music to me. I love it. It has great dynamics and sound.

06/08/04 - Curt Lewis -

Hi Kraig,

I first saw you several years ago at the Naperville Borders. I have talked to you a few times when you played at the Borders stores in Denver.( The year you fought the weather getting to Vail and back!!) I have since moved to Casper, Wy. If you plan any dates in the west I would like to get you in touch with the local Blues society here in Casper as they are always looking for talented acts willing to play in this area. I know you are talented, I'm not sure about the playing in casper part!

PEACE / Curt

06/03/04 - Kevin and Gwen -

We saw you tonight at Wincherster Grill and it was awesome. Your owl guitar it simply the most incredible guitar ever. We celebrated 10 yrs of marriage tonight and we will get one of your cds to commemorate. Thanks and we will see you next time your in the ATL area. Kevin

05/30/04 - Cristian -

Just wanted to say again, another great show at The House last night. Good atmosphere, and a great performer. Thanks!

05/28/04 - Tami -

Hey Kraig -

Sitting here at work listening to Maktub (and all the others!), and totally looking forward to your performances this weekend at the Prairie Center. There's nothing better than sitting on the grass in the sun, appreciating the day & your talent. So many of your songs remind me of the things that are really important, and help me recenter on them. That's a rare ability - thanks for sharing it with all of us!


05/25/04 - Greg & Beverly -

Hi Kraig - glad your doing well! Things have changed a lot since we last spoke but we're still fans and still together. Best of luck to you. You know it takes more than luck - it takes talent - and you surely have lots of that, too!

05/24/04 - Kurt Pfoutz -

Hi Kraig, I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I were at the Phesant Run this last weekend and were able to see you there. Thank-You for a very enjoyable evening. We both loved your music and had a great time. Sincerely Kurt

05/17/04 - Gem -

you make my spirit tingle when I hear you play. Keep the music coming.. When I hear you I fill with inner love and peace.

05/10/04 - Tony Manola -

Hey Kraig great Show saturday sorry for being so obnoctious your music really brings everybody up around you thanks for sharing such a great gift with every body peace TONY

05/10/04 - Mike McMahon -

My friends and I had a great time on Saturday (at Gators) watching you jam and spending time chatting with you and Jim. It had been so long since we saw you play, I had forgotten how damn good you are.

I'm looking forward to attending some of your other appearances.

Have a great trip out west!

05/10/04 - Julie -

Kraig! Terrific show Saturday at Gator's! Had a great time talking with you before, during, and after your show. BTW, I'll be visiting Sting's website to research the song you mentioned. ;-) I love a mystery! If I don't get a chance to see you perform again (w/vocals on 'Drowning in Love'?) before your trip, have a great time!


05/08/04 - maggie -

Kraig, See you at the end of the month! Happy to find your brochures at The House the other day.(Anneka and Levi noticed your picture/poster--not surprising since they both heard you while living in belly) Life is good. Look forward to catching up and hearing you play. Maggie

05/02/04 - Jon Chapman -


Mmy parents saw you in Fort Myers Beach 4 years ago and raved about you I was going thru some papers and found your showings from 2000. I see your going to be in Linconshire this weekend. I have to come check it out!! If your ever in Round Lake Beach, Il. stop on by and say hi (TRADER JON'S). I'll have to bring my girlfriend and some friends friday, I try to pack the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/26/04 - WRA´s colective. -

Dear Krain Kenning - reso friend. Do you like reso-music? If you want to make a contact with us. THE WORLD RESOPHONIC ASSOCIATION

04/23/04 - lindsay h -

o yea im goin to your performance tommorrow!


04/23/04 - Lindsay H -

hey kraig, havent written in awhile so today i decided to. I quit the band i was in, because they wanted to play music i didnt like (punk-rock) as for me ive been concetrating on country music.

i learned how to play the guitar, right now im starting out with an acoustic but tommorrow i think im getting an electric guitar.

in my reading class we got to pick a subject to do a nonfiction report on and i picked guitars, so im takin' mine in to present to the classes. i think i might ask tucker if he would come in and play for my class, i know they would enjoy it and so would i.

i have to go now but i will write back soon *lindsay*

04/21/04 - kraig -

im looking foward to the house concert in the country

see ya there thanks for checkinn inn

04/21/04 - Paul Hackerson -

Looking forward to seeing you at the Kable House in Mt. Morris Illinois on May 1st

04/20/04 - Tommy Gallagher -

hey folks, just a reminder anyone wishing a "FREE" copy of Kraigs Colorado Performance go unreleased and look for the 11/23 post, follow the instructions.

This was a awesome show & recording...........

hey panda chop.....

04/12/04 - kraig -

hello everyone im back in the midwest it feels nice to be home im doing a very intimate house party in the oregon il area there are still a few tickets left so if your up for an eve in the country check it out

The Kable House, Mt. Morris, IL. May 1. Contact Sheri for tickets. 815-961-8901.

se ya all soon

04/11/04 - Hulda and JC -

Saw you at Prairie Crossing on Saturday and was very impressed. I picked up Maktub for my husband (who's a "struggling" musician) he could not stay for the whole show...crancky kids! He thinks you jam.. Thanks for entertaining us with your are great. Next time it would be nice to see you at a show for adults only. Hulda

04/10/04 - Beverly Ritchie -

We caught your show at Jimmy Mac's in Tampa recently and LOVED it! What a nice little surprise to come upon. I emailed my bro in Hindsdale / Willowbrook and he then happened upon your concert at Pheasant run tonight. Synchronicity. Love it! Beverly Ritchie

04/10/04 - Paul Dimmick & "Blondie"! -

Hi, Kraig! We just saw your tour schedule and are excited that you will be coming home to the midwest! (Missed you last year..sorry about that.)

Hope to see you soon. Can't wait to hear what's new! Love Ya, Happy Easter Season! Paul & me

04/07/04 - Carinne Carpenter -

Hi Kraig, I met you at The Old Packinghouse in Sarasota and spoke with you about a guitar player I thought I you might like to listen to...Keller Williams. I hope to catch you again soon. Take care

04/05/04 - Dave J -

Hi kraig. hope you are well been a while. miss your tunes. been getting into the festival scene the last few years. always think i could see you up on stage atsome of them. woody guthrie fest in okema ok met don conoscenti. knew you. any desires to do the fest circuit? any way...would like to see your show again. posted a couple note on theenvirpage. the picture looks a little beefy to you. just a hunch. all the best

04/03/04 - neil -

Greetings from Alaska Kraig!!! I've been an fan of your words and melody since I first caught your act in Ft.Myers around '98. I'm originally from Ft.Myers, and I do miss it there. I enjoyed your show so much, I drove down from college (Ringling Art & Design) in Sarasota the next year to see your preformance in Ft.Myers again!! Still holding onto "Somewhere in Between". I recently moved to Anchorage for a change. I really dig the music scene here. I'm looking to start a new band soon, - going through withdraw. Have you ever been to Alaska? I checked your tour dates, but I don't see Alaska on your list. lol. Next time you want to break away on a vacation you should bring your dobro up and hit a few clubs. Your original music would be greatly appreciated up here. It's good to see you are still making music, and sharing it with us. Hope to hear from you soon - neil

04/01/04 - George Washington -

Kool site, man !!!

Kevin says hi :-)

03/29/04 - Frank Pirrone -

I saw you preform at the Iron on the Edge "industrial Park Tour" I was the caterer. Erik spoke highly of your talents and for good reason the music was right on time.

03/29/04 - Margy -

Excellent additions to your site!! Kudos to whoever is responsible. I love it. It would be cool though if on Tour Schedule page the months were split for quick reading. Keep it up.

03/25/04 - Cliff Monges -

Kraig, It was good to see you on Sanibel with Dan and Jen!

03/22/04 - Chris Ash -

Hey Kraig,

Saw you in Bradenton on St. Patty's day. Bought Maktub, and am listing to it right now. Excellent stuff. I hope to get you hooked up in Minneapolis soon!

Peace to you too. -Chris

03/19/04 - Yourmama -

It's NOT all the same shit.

03/19/04 - mike mahoney -

A very nice slice of life. Thank you for the patience and guidance on the slide techniques.I have some work to do.It was cool to meet you.thanks for the tips. mike mahoney

03/18/04 - MUGU -


03/17/04 - Billy Carlisle -

Glad to hear you are heading back to the midwest. We haven't heard you with Steve Arvey and crew. That is on our todo list this summer. Bro Billy

03/16/04 - kraig -

as a matter of fact i am planning on heading north see ya in april ive got to get an end of the day bike ride in and watch the sunset

03/16/04 - julie -

We are jonesing up here for some slide and kick box good music...are you ever coming north again????

03/13/04 - Juanita Marquez -

Kraig, It was so good to get this last e-mail from you. My computer crashed and I lost all my data. I just want to say Hi and I am glad you are doing so well. I don't expect you to remember me, but you are someone who has touched my life in a way I will never forget.

It's been almost two years since I last sent you an a e-mail telling you about my Kenny's death and the song Hey Brother. Your reply was awesome. I never got the chance to say Thank You. I'm doing good and moving on with my life. Thank you for your music, your website and being who you are. Your biggest Fan in Aurora, Co Juanita

03/06/04 - Joanie Hector -

Husband and I just heard you for the first time in Miami Shores. Beautiful day - you said 'perfect' - so was performance. Lifted my low spirits. Many thanks.

03/06/04 - Pat Donahue -

Kraig, Heard your CD Maktub in Adrianna's Pilates class at Park Place and enjoyed it; great music. I asked her who was playing and she showed me your CD and filled me in on the local guy story. I am downloading the order form and will send off for a CD. Next time I see you working out I'll say hello. Cheers, Pat

03/05/04 - Rebecca Spivey -

I saw your show at Fogartyville while visiting friends in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island. It was fantastic, and I even got a hug at the end! Your dobro-playing is a gift from God. Picked up the "Pass the Hat" CD and will be sending a BnP to share with friends. I hope you'll make it to Virginia some day.

03/03/04 - auntee lucy -

hey ever heard of derek trucks and susan tudeski(trucks)???? well they have a good thing goin! im sure you have...they just played a show here in durango and it was pretty special! he is just 23 ??? he and his BAND! are sounding very good!!! check them out when you get a chance kraig ...xo ac

02/29/04 - Bob & Donna -

Man that was cold out there at Calooshatchee. The only thing that kep us warm was your singing & even that wasn't enough. Sorry we had to leave, but I think we were on the verge of hypothermia. Next time we'll surpirse you at an indoor gig. Really great to see you & Bob was happy that he was able to surprise you. Looking forward to your return in April

02/29/04 - Marsha Bard -

Thanks for a wonderful night at Fogertyville... you are amazing. It almost seemed impossible for a while there.. that you were with only one playing an instrument - you made that dobro sound like a whole band! Your fingers must be very sore... Thank you for the songs.

02/24/04 - Carole -

Just checking in to see what your doing down in the boot. I had to puking kids all weekend and thought I deserved some time for me so, I'll take in sometunes and see if your playing near me yet. Keep up with the sun screen. Hope to see you in Geneva, Carole

02/17/04 - John Hasbrouck -

So did we meet at the '97 slide fest?

02/17/04 - Larry -

Just dropping a line to you .We miss you up North.Hope everything is peaceful down in the warmth.I will be looking forward to seeing you around Park Place soon.The Spinmeister.

02/16/04 - Molly -

I'm enjoying looking at your site, I filed it in my favorites, great music always comes at the right time for me. Thank you,

Your friend, Molly

02/11/04 - Mike August -

Hi Kraig, I am a harp player up in the Roscoe IL. aera just north of Rockford. I have a lot of your CD. I allso play slide ( style O, dobro dw90c. ) I notice you have a pick up on your bass body dobro monted on the outside, what pick up is that ? allso if you ever need a harp player let me know. ( no joke )

02/10/04 - AndQ -

Just saying hi to everyone i know, hope all is well with everyone. It is coming to a time of much love and some lust wedged in between (yes, Valentines day) so let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?

02/10/04 - Billy Carlisle -

Note to Kraig, I was just thinking about you Bro. Florida is a little far for us. We will watch your schedule in the Spring. We are really kicking on looking at housing in Salida, CO and selling off around here. We will be leaving Illinois/St. Louis area some time this summer. We will probably try to talk you into doing a concert for our going away party. You should visit our place in the woods one more time before we move on. Can't wait to see you in Salida, the mountians and streams there are so beautiful.

See Ya, Billy and for Sydd

02/10/04 - SANDY BECKER -


02/04/04 - Erin -

Hey Andy,since you will not call me I guess I will have to write to you on here. You know me,I am a friend of Becki and Amanda's.We met last fall,and I have not heard from you.

02/04/04 - Lisa -

Hey Kraig--just a quick note to let you know how much we love you...and your music! Your shows at Manatee and Sweet Bean were great, as usual! Can't wait to see the next few in Ft Myers. Take care, Lisa (Lisa & Andy)

01/31/04 - Lindsay H -

hi kraig! i havent written you in a year. im much more mature now so im not writing you everyday, but ill try to keep in touch. i got to thinking about you when my friend, mike said he had an uncle that was a guitarist i automaticlly thought of you. it turns out his uncle isnt known yet his uncles name is thad shumaker.

im in a band now with a bunch of friends. one of them is a big fan of yours along with me. we havent decided on a name yet. im the manager because they say im the most responsilble of the group. we have some names picked out. they are shifted depression and/or faded depression. i have to go now ill keep in touch.


01/23/04 - Jeanne & Don -

We remember you from Beaux festival last year (Don is the surfer guy that watched your stand for you while you tok a break)-- sorry we missed your show in Miami Shores and Beaux Arts Festival last week -- we'll plan to catch you at Main Street Cafe in February. Good luck on your So. Fla tour.

01/22/04 - Carole -

Hey glad to see you got out of here again it's coooold! moved the family out to Huntley mid fall and thought I would check in to see where you'll be playing out this way, now that I'm finally close to the Squire you probably never get there, So... have a great run in Fl. email sbertoli in marco island I'll ck in again soon,Don't forget sunscreen dude, love& peace, Carole

01/15/04 - Kevin -

If you are reading this, you're interested in Kraig's music. If you are interested in Kraig's music, there is no reason not to get a FREE copy of his show in Colorado. Kraig's friend Tommy Gallagher recorded the show and it sounds great! I'm on my third listen. It's been getting me back and forth to work; it definately beats the radio. Follow the instructions on the 'Unrealesed Page' in the 11/23/2003 entry.


01/13/04 - kraig -

nice to hear from you anna

happy days and times to you

01/13/04 - The 1 & Only Anna Banana -

12/23/03 - KK writes "THANK YOU MASK MAN" - Does that mean you found the tape? Mele Kalikimaka & Happy New Year, my friend. Peace Love & Aloha - Anna

01/13/04 - Kristy Kirch -

Hey Baby! Happy New Year! I'll see you in Feb., nothing like wintering in fl., you've got quite a schedule here. My band is playing Art's Day, 1-18, thought you might be here too. Hope life's good!

01/13/04 - norm schaal -

i owned silvtonetwin, my mom bought it for me in 66 or 67,those were way word years .every one else wanted a fender .that amp was the greatest,don't ya think p.s you were great at pheasntrun ,may see you in fl the "general"

01/12/04 - Rose -

hey kraig, jim & andq, i'm so glad we were able to come out to see you all before your winter hiatis. The cd from Colorado is really good! That will have to hold us over till spring! It is just like sitting there and listening to you live (along with bits of your sense of humor mixed in). Take care.

01/12/04 - Norman & Robin Bates -

It was great to see you at lilly's lounge, even if we had to park in Iowa it was worth it. Just wanted to let you know the DVD's worked great. Great sound and color. See You in the Spring, Patti with an i, Robin with an in....

01/09/04 - James Dobosiewicz -

This is just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance at the Fox Lake District Library on Wednesday, January 8. All of the selections were absolutely fabulous, especially your blues performances! Please drop by again soon!

- JD

01/07/04 - AndQ -

Hey, peace to all in the new year! Where do we know you from Erin?

01/06/04 - Erin -

hey Kraig and Andy- You guys rock. Hope to come see you again soon.

01/04/04 - Boyd Jefferis -

Enjoyed your playing at Rockford First nite very much Thanks.

01/02/04 - Cristian Crane -

I just saw your show in Rockford last night, and I must say it was one of the most inspiring things I've seen in my life. Thank you much, and I'm so glad I got to hear your music.

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