12/23/03 - Tommy -

Hello Kraig Kenning fans. Tommy Gallagher here, I have known Kraig since high school, and a fellow Musician

I had the pleasure to record Kraig at his SOLD OUT Black Rose Acoustic Society performance in Black Forest Colorado 11.14.03. This show was awesome and the quality came out superb. Kraig has given permission to offer this up as a FREEBIE or a B n P which stands for Blanks and Postage. If you would like a FREE copy of this performance. Click on Unreleased,look for the 11.23 posting, EMAIL Andy with your request,follow the rules and you will recieve this awesome show in your mailbox.... Peace, happy holidays to all


12/21/03 - Margy -

Thanks again for the Messiah. I am really glad you have now experienced it too. I'll work on early Jan 04 for the next event. No Chaperones! I promise. Take care. Happy Holidays. Be in touch.

12/18/03 - Dave Marlow -

If your MP3's are a good example of what's included in your albums I find your work inspiring. Sent your "Roadie" a note about the concert recording but a question came to mind. I can't buy US stamps so if he sends me the cost of Postage could I send him the cash US of course and he could pick up the stamps? One other question do you ever tour north of the border(in Ontario) Dave Marlow

12/15/03 - Mark & Juli DeJonghe -

Terrific website - terrific musician - terrific Live show! Very grateful for all musicians willing to send messages of peace in any format. Looking forward to seeing newspaper/magazine page. Peace to All!

12/14/03 - Donna Peterson -

Hi Kraig, sorry about the eMail address. It sound like your enjoying the nice weather. It has been pretty nice her in Colorado most of the time since Ive been here. Were trying to get something going at Cottonwoood when you come through again well have to talk about some of the details. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Donna

12/08/03 - KRAIG -



12/08/03 - Ken -

Hi Kraig, I saw your show this summer at fireworks in Moline, got a couple of your CD's and have really been enjoying them. I notice you are going to be playing in the warmth of Florida for a while (don't blame you) Do you have plans for a future show at Fireworks? I wouldn't want to miss it. Thanks Ken in Moline

12/07/03 -

Gosh, Kraig, what is up with the Raw photo? Next time hire a make-up artist at least to cover the tan lines! Well, hopefully there won't be a next time!

12/04/03 - kraig -

donna your email adress is not complete

i hope you get this message

thanks for stopping by im not sure when ill be back through i spend most of the winter down south hopefully the spring thanks for the massage and ive got you on my list so ill let you know when im comming through maybe i can play a bit for you guys se ya soon

12/03/03 - Donna Peterson -

Still enjoying your CD that you left with us at Cottonwood Hot Springs in Colorado. When are you coming back this way? This is Donna your massage therapist. Hope to see you in the near future. Let me know if you receive this. Thanks Again, Donna

11/29/03 - kraig -

ive had a last minute cancelation for the slide guitar workshop sunday dec 7 if anyone is interested please email me


11/23/03 - Donna -

I have to agree with Billy Carlisle-see 11/19 entry. I can't tell if you just keep getting better or you're just doing things differently. Whatever it is, keep it up. Enjoyed the time spent at the Roselle Library on a gray & blustery Nov. day listening to you & Jim work your magic. Glad you're back home again. Hope to see you around Park Place. Love Ya, Big "D"

11/21/03 - frank & mary graham -

our first time that we have heard him play, excellent playing on the guitar and you can understand him when he sings.

11/21/03 - Sydd -

Hey there Kraig! Better watch your back - never know when Billy & I might appear!

Your Salida show was the best yet. Hard to believe you could top my birthday gig in June. Amazing.

Keep it coming............... you have fans near & far that want to enjoy the tunes.

Toodles, Sydd

11/21/03 - Fran Lawrence -

venturing along Lake Michigan last weekend, happily coming across a space echoing your sounds, fresh, knowing, healing ... as always

all my love, Fran

11/20/03 - AndQ (roadie man) -

Hope your new cart is rockin' kraig, i'll burn cd's for the rose show too. payce!


11/19/03 - Billy Carlisle -

Your performance in Salida on Nov 15th was outstanding. It had been about a year since I saw you in a live performance. You blew me away. I can't tell if you are better or diffrent. It is an awkward feeling to say you are really good, but that you are getting better all the time. Keep taking it to the next level. The slide quitar was rocking. Your new songs are touching. Keep up the great work.

Regards, Bro Billy

11/17/03 - Tommy Gallagher -

Hello Kraig Kenning fans. Tommy Gallagher here, I have known Kraig since high school, and a fellow Musician

I had the pleasure to record Kraig at his SOLD OUT Black Rose Acoustic Society performance in Black Forest Colorado 11.14.03. This show was awesome and the quality came out superb. Kraig has given permission to offer this up as a FREEBIE or a B n P which stands for Blanks and Postage. This is how this works, If you would like a FREE copy of this performance. Send me a Email requestiong this free show & wait for me to respond back to you.

Cheers Tommy

11/11/03 - kraig -

i just re ordered the some faith cd and its avail as of now its been out of stock for over a year!

11/11/03 - Larry Jackson -

Hi there,

How can one get the CD Some Faith? Sounds like those songs need to be heard.


11/11/03 - Rolling Meadows Alumni -


Hope all is going well with life, I'm happy that from when you told me you were going to be a slide guitar player in 1977, you actually became a great one.


11/08/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hey Kraig!! I haven't written for a long time. I have been really busy lately With HOMEWORK!! Any way Tucker said you came over the summer and I missed it. I was really mad. I hope you can come again.


11/04/03 - Dan Zink -

Nice work on the WMNF afternoon show with Jane Doe. What did you call it? Toxic Detour? Whatever works, right! I hope that same kind of energy and enthusiasm is there after a long week on the west coast of FL. Looking forward to hearing you perform on Sunday at Skipper's. Take care......DZ///

11/03/03 - Ben Parr -

I'm a fan of WMNF in Tampa and now a fan of yours as well. I was blown away by your live performance on WMNF in Tampa on 11/03/03-fantastic-

11/01/03 - mlq -

Kraig and Andq:

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born...anais nin

It's a good thing that girls in masters school have boys like you to take care of her. Thanks for opening your hearts to me. Love, love, love (and a little White Powder)...m.

10/29/03 - andQ (the roadie) -

White powder! And hurray for whipped peanut butter!

10/26/03 - andQ -

Yesterday's show was quite a trip, kraig and i had our quarrels but we made up as usual. coming into the show there was a bad vibe but Kraig put the boisterous crowd into a trance by his killer first song, the show was awesome from there on. Kraig tried his hand at being the matchmaker for me but hooked me up with someone already taken. Had a cool time with Becka and her friends(some may not have thought so). Saw my two favorite kenning fans Rick and Rose, looking good as usual. Also, my profiles up in the "and company" section, so do yourself a favor and be there.

Til next time UCR AndQ

10/20/03 - George Marvin -

Kraig: I was nice to meet you when you were in St. Louis last week. I wish you all the best in your tour. Stay well; don't work too hard; enjoy life.

10/19/03 - andq -

Hey everyone, usually i try to incorporate something with kraig in it, but i'm skipping that part. I need a date friday and am looking for someone to go with, if interested contact me. Yours truly, Ultimate Champion Roadie (aka UCR) AndQ

10/18/03 - Sydd -

live life on the edge - develop a taste for marmalade!

10/17/03 - Billy -

Glad you could drop by. Good friends are hard to find. We treasure you and your work. Your great web site makes it easy to keep up with your schedule. We'll catch you out there from time to time. You make me think about the great song writers of our time, and the feelings they gave voice to. Keep touching our souls. Billy

10/14/03 - Haley -

hey, what up kraig?! i miss ya. u still looking for someone to do office work for you? let me know ~ Haley

10/09/03 - Ausrine -

NIce page, Kraig! : )

10/09/03 - kraig -

im offering a workshop on slide gtr anyone interested in hanging go to our home page and follow the link

10/04/03 - AndQ -

hey, What an awesome run we've had so far kraig! And for all the fans out there, I would like to emphasize on the fact how much Kraig cares for the quality of his shows, his records, and his friendships. Any how...for the past couple weeks, kraig has been on what seems to have been a seemingly endless journey to find the Excalibur of acoustic guitars. After spending a surplus of over 8 THOUSAND dollars for "the cause" and many hours, the rock God has bestowed upon kraig a lovely Larive acoustic guitar that is ready to wrok out. Words can't describe this real life piece of work, but it looks similiar to this {D=>. Beautiful

I want to give a shout to Rick and Rose who gave me a warm welcome through a cold but not bitter night on 9/25. Kudos mates, UCR AndQ

10/03/03 - ROSE -


10/01/03 - Leonard -

Saw you at thr Riversance Festival in Davenport, you're slide guitar stopped me in my tracks and pulled me in. You took me to a place I hadn't been in a long time, thanks! You're awesome dude! I'm a fan for life. Come back to the Quad Cities soon! Leonard

09/29/03 - KRAIG -




09/28/03 - Daniel DeSoto -

Hi Kraig

I'v only been playing Silde on My Acustic for a few months, if you have any tips on slide playing it would be appretiated TNX! O and you got a cool site.

09/24/03 - Larry "Da Spinmeister" -

I'm missing you man.Comeback some day so I can make you sweat.

09/22/03 - kingsnake kenning -

yes the gig is on in morris so all you hicks grab your overalls and pipes and come on out well have a stack of hay for ya and who knows maybe some pig racing

09/22/03 - Mary Lou -

Caught you briefly,(much too briefly), at Riversance held here in Davenport along with my two daughters. I'm enjoying both CDs immensely! (Maktub & Pass the Hat.) I would have been there the next day as well, had it not been for a day long volunteer commitment. Few other things would have kept me away. Music is my solace... I wanted yours never to end! You were ecstacy to hear and see. Hopefully I can catch you a few more times in this life!

09/20/03 - Bob Sullivan -


Is the outdoor festival in Morris still on for the 27th?

09/05/03 - Brooks Sullens -

Nowhere Man,

Hope things are well. Kathy and I had one of your discs in the other day and just for the heck of it, I wanted to see if you had a website. Obviously, you do and it looks great. I hope things are going good for you. Kathy and I are in Las Vegas for the past 4 years, get back to swood at xmas each year. If you ever get a chance, send me an email or give me a call.

Peace and Love,

Brooks 702-521-3563

09/03/03 - Dan Johnson -

Just checkin' in to see what's new.... Seein' if you had any tour dates for California yet... (preferrbly northern CA). Hope all is well with you and yours. Come on out here soon....!!!


08/17/03 - Kelly Kearney -

Kraig, I heard the Gaithersburg gig was a resounding success - I was definitely there in spirit, according to Harriet! I'm so happy that you two spent some time together - just wish I could have been there in person (missed it by a few days). Thanks for remembering, thanks for the song, thanks for spending the time with my friend. And thanks for pulling the world just a little closer together. Take care, safe journeys - Greg and I hope to catch up with you soon! Kelly (in Wisconsin)

08/15/03 - rita -

hi ..have missed you this summer just checked your schedule...unfortunately won't make any shows this summer will try for the fall...will keep looking for you...still enjoy the cds..rita

08/15/03 - Peter -

Yo Kraig, It was nice meeting you. By the way, Daniel's bro's name is Peter. (That's me.) Come back to Maryland sometime soon if you can. Peace, Your friend, Peter

08/14/03 - Mari & Steve Toal -

Kraig - Can't begin to tell you what a special experience it was to share some time with you while you were in Maryland at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. You gave so totally of yourself through your music, but also in the time that we spent talking before and after the show. You really touched our hearts. Peace. Your friends Daniel, Tara, & Peter, and Mari & Steve

08/14/03 - Steve -

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair (Gaithersburg, Maryland) is an anomaly in Kraig Kenning’s itinerary. The fair attracts two crowds, one with organic matter under their fingernails, in suspended animation, the other looking to burn money on cheap thrills, in perpetual motion, each bunching up at their respective ends of the fairgrounds. Kraig was situated somewhere between the two, almost literally a pearl before swine.

As a transplanted mid-westerner with a wife and two teenage sons, I can and do appreciate both ends of the fairgrounds. Going to the fair has become a family tradition, and we have been avid patrons for many years, pedestrians traversing merrily both ends of the grounds, blending in with both herds. This year, though, we made Kraig Kenning the centerpiece of our fair experience. We put ourselves in a zone insulated from the pig races, the tractor pulls, and the carnival rides. We took some time, some precious moments, to graze.

It would be difficult, maybe pointless, to try to match the purple prose that appears in the glowing reviews Kraig has garnered for his musicianship over the years. It is simple enough to say, though, that if you close your eyes briefly, listen closely, then open them, you are startled to find only one person up there, and not three—or four—highly skilled guitarists.

Kraig puts forth an amazing range of style, technique, versatility, rhythm, and sound—instrumentally—then soothes and fills you vocally. The spirituality of his writing seeps in, then washes over you. You become conscious of something profound, and soulful. The total experience is magical. It is a sharing with a depth and openness that is rarely achieved, even with loved ones. It is a connection completely denuded of boundaries, facades, reservations, nuances, and pretenses. It is an infusion of experience, pure, rich, and strong. Kraig Kenning is authentic in the classic existential sense. Maktub. He is also a genuinely nice guy. We will miss him and always wish him the best of everything life has to offer.

08/14/03 - Kim Skimmons -


I really enjoyed your show at the Montgomery County (MD) Ag. Fair. Great music! My 3-year-old son Ben (who is obsessed with guitars) was mesmerized watching you play. Keep on keepin' on. Come back this way again someday.

08/13/03 - tucker -

hi,me and my classmates want you to perform at our school roosevelt again when you come to molie next time.Bye

08/12/03 - Kate Ziminsky -

Hi Kraig, I am digging your website from here in stormy Maine. We are psyched to celebrate your bday with you. Soon Come, Cool Runnings, Kate

08/07/03 - Forrest Snavely -

I enjoyed your music at the Severson Dells library so much that I started chair dancing and I felt my back straighten up. I have trouble with curved shoulders. Your music is better than a chiropractic treatment! I liked the instrumental of Amazing Grace. Wasn't that written by Randy Travis?

08/07/03 - Lisa Bramlage/ Myakka River SP -

Greetings Kraig I just got the go ahead to schedual performers for 2004 and would really like to work somthing out with you if your going to be back this way again. Hope to hear from you soon. here is phone contact info 941-927-9355 ,941-361-6513.

08/07/03 - Ultimate Champion Roadie- AndQ -

Indeed it is I, AndQ the infamous roadie back for the now weekly commentary. Didn't think kraig would want me to post anything because I just don't fit the "norm" or because "I frighten children" or maybe it's because I "like to immitate a goat/human character". Since working for kraig I have been living the life, nights on the road, flocking beautiful women, and quite dangerous road trips with Champion our trusty 4-cylindered automobile who is slowly losing gears as time passes by and as Kraig demands more outrageous and obsurd errands to be run. It is a good life though...yeah definitely.

08/06/03 - Alisha Hudson -

I saw Kraig & Co. play at the Starlight Concert Series in Evanston, IL last night. The music was amazing. It has been the best night of my summer so far. Thanks, Kraig!

08/06/03 - Paul -

We caught your show at Dawes Park on Tuesday night. You may want to know that it was between you at Dawes Park and Peter Frampton at Ravinia and you won out. Congratulations! Anyway, it was an awesome show. Your band is truly superb and I want to send my compliments to each one of you. I saw you last month at Frontier Days and it was nice to listen to your music Tuesday without having to take cover from the thunderstorms. I'm sure your axes appreciated it too.

Once again, thanks for a great show. I look forward to seeing you again.

08/01/03 -

The Arlington Hts Library channel on cable had your concert on yesterday. My girls taped some of it for me. I see it is on this month also. If you wanted to publicize it, it is on Comcast Channel 24 Monday August 11 at 1 PM. This channel is good for AH, Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Prospect Hts, Skokie and Wheeling.

07/27/03 - Sydd -

Even though we don't claim anything north of Springfield, IL we would still let you play down here in "God's Country." K?



07/23/03 - kraig -

yes tommy i remember the long jams as a matter of fact i have acouple of cassette tapes of those dark family room rehersals me you and dean all on the same chords

07/23/03 - kraig -

I thought I had seen a gig scheduled in Morris on this coming Saturday, but it is not showing up on the tour dates now. Is this gig cancelled, or still on?

I was hoping to see you in the Southlands here again. Been a long time since the last Orland Park Borders gig.

Thanks and hope to see you soon.

Bob Sullivan

hey bro ya they closed their doors they are going to open somewhere near joliet in the fall were working on a gig in aug well post it as soon as we get it thanks for checkin inn

THE FIRE HOUSE IS A DONE DEAL FOR NOW FOLKS WERE going to play out in front of the place in sept but other than that firehouse gigs are canceled if anyone knows of a place down that way that would like to have us on board give us an email we would love to play for you folks

07/22/03 - Tommy -

hey kraigel bagel....you remember when we used to jam to A & E for 45 minutes in my living room....call me you weasle.....


07/21/03 - kraig -

sure ill sighn the cds nice to hear from ya i would love to do more gigs in the city its just always been kind of a hassle to get them its that home town syndrom chi town has a great vibe and hopefully well get more connected in the city kraig

07/18/03 - Rich Paulsen -

I am the Deputy Sheriff that saw you perform at the State if Illinois Bldg. We spoke about John Fahey & Leo Kotke. I bought 2 autographed CD's. Big Fan. Hope you remember. Am buying more from your web-site. Could you autograph these as well? When are you going to perform in Chicago again?

07/15/03 - Mike -

Kraig, I saw you play at Rend Lake earlier this summer, and in Geneva. What a Pleasure to see an expert Guitar Player! I bought 3 cd and enjoy your music with friends and family. I bought my first guitar in Jan. 03 and have been taken lessons. Is there anywhere where I could pick up music and lyrics to some of your songs.

07/14/03 - Sherrill Schoening -

Congrats on winning at the slide guitar festival!!!! Sherrill

07/05/03 - Sydd -

Hey Kraig......REcently found out it was my 86 year old Uncle that was making all the sounds of approval in the audience at the concert at Toddhall June 6th! We're still hearing good things about that concert. Not bad - your music appeals to a wide age range: we had 13 to 86 year olds there. Everybody loved your music. We'll keep checking your website to see when you venture to southern Illinois again. Keep it safe on the road, dude. Smile, Sydd

06/24/03 - Larry "The Spinmeister" -

Kraig I miss you in class.Please come back soon.Listening to Pass The Hat as I write.It's still my favorite.See you around

06/22/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hey Dude!! Whats up? email me ASAP. cause i haven't talked to ya for ever cause ive been really busy this summer. ive been playing softball and getting ready for Wilson but thats no excuse. Any way email me!

Peace *Lindsay*

06/22/03 - Alex N. -

Kraig, just saw you in Evanston at the Custer St. fair, you blew my mind. I heard the slide guitar and the first thing that popped into my mind was: Ben Harper. He is one of my favorite artists and I love his work vwith the slide as well as the slide itself. The thing you do are just amazing, I immiediatly bought Pass the Hat, and Maktub. I hope you keep doing what you are doing and have the best of luck. i'm counting the days til August 5th when I can go to your show at Dawes Park. Thanks a lot, and P.S. Book more shows in Evanston.

06/21/03 - Julie Mc Arthur -

Hi Kraig: We happened to stubble into you at a festival 2 maybe 3 years years ago in Hoffman Estates, IL. I have to say we followed you around to wherever we could listen to you. Last summer we only saw you once but we just found you website and are looking foward to seeing you at the Long Grove Strawberry Fest this Sunday. My husband, dughters and I realy enjoy your music. Looking foward to hearing your sounds.

With bests regards,

The McArthur Family

06/17/03 - Margy -

Thanks so much for introducing me to organic pancakes w/ rice milk...they rock. I looked for Bija alreaduy to no avail so I guess you are my hook up for that. You are correct that show was awesome. Did ya have any further thoughts about the kitten you dreamt about that night? I am curious to know. I am looking forward to the zoo so let me know. Take care brother, see ya soon! MTH

06/12/03 - Dan Byrnes -

Just chillin again to ur music. Your music has great lyrics when you need them and intense acoustics when you really need them. Hope to maybe catch ya in Wauconda while on my trip. Or, maybe you will need a place to chill on your trip down to Fort Myers. Dan

06/12/03 - Billy C -


I think some of our friends now think we are connesiers of fine music, since we invited them to your excellent performance last Friday. We were invited out last night to see Blind Bryan Lee at the Beale on Broadway in St. Louis. Really cool blues Dude and a wonderful show. Also, we got two free tickets from a friend to see Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band on the 27th of June in St. Louis. I like Zydeco so that should be fun too. You gave us a jump start networking with our friends about music. Good Day, Billy

06/12/03 - Steve Bernhard -

We miss you in Rockford - come back!!!!

06/11/03 - cheryl -

What great feedback you get here. You must be a happy man.It's great to see so many people enjoy your music. So many warm fuzzies to you.... thats a nice, peace

06/10/03 - Sydd -

Kraig, WHAT A CONCERT!!!!!!!!!! It's taken nearly 4 days to absorb Friday night's concert at Toddhall in Columbia. I don't think it would be possible to forget this birthday if I tried. And who would want to, anyway? Your music and lyrics are wonderful and are only outdone by your fantastic ability to be so in tune with your guitar. You love what you do, and it shows. I still can't believe the range of sounds you eek out of those strings and pieces of wood. What a gift - a joy to witness. Quite a blessing to be able to share all that with my family and friends. Thanks for your continued dedication to your work....... all of us reap the benefits. Many thanks,


06/09/03 - Alan M. Brandt -

Dear Kraig: You blessed all of us, Friday night, with your gift of music, love, fellowship, and honesty at the private Toddhall gig. It was indeed a great birthday gift (your concert)that Billy gave to his wife, but they also shared that gift with their friends and family members. I have been humming your songs, playing your CD constantly since the concert. I have never attended a concert where I felt so in touch and close to the performer. Your guitar licks were mesmerizingly fantastic. As I mentioned to you that night, I have been playing guitar for over 41 years and playing for dances for 35 years but in your presence I am but a beginning, amateur. It was indeed an honor and a blessing to be immersed in your music and share some time together. I am proud of you and your efforts, and the support you give to your fellow man. Thankyou. Please keep creating your music. You have been given a great gift. Alan

06/08/03 - Billy C -

Dear Kraig, You blew us away at the private gig at Toddhall. As you know, the concert was my birthday present to Cindy aka "Sydd". I believe it was her best birthday present ever. She has been cruising on adrenalin since noon Friday. She and our friends have been all a buzz about your music and the concert. Simple and elegant at the same time usually works for Sydd. We have been married 20 something years and I cannot remember her enjoying a gift or an event more. You are the best. My friends that spoke to me after the concert were visibly agitated and excited. These are people I have known for a long time; they had lots of good things to say about your music but the animation in their faces told the real story. Your slide guitar is exciting in the way a ride in a sportscar is, or, maybe, like a dash down a rapids stream. Your ballads pierce the heart like a sweetheart that can look through your eyes into your soul knowing your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing, Bro. Kind Regards, Billy

06/02/03 - patrick -

Kraig, I didn't realize it till this morning but I believe I saw you play at Johns Buffet in Winfield several years ago. Anyway, I've tried to remember who that "Slide Player" was, and after seeing you this weekend, I now remember it was you! Kinda cool for me. Anyway, it was very inspirational. It was nice to see your talent again. I'll be watching your career for sure from now on.

One question though? Your Dobro, is it a DM-33 model? And whats the cost of Dobro of that caliber? Any places in Chicago where I could play one?

And I'll just mention this, I'm a Director/Editor in the loop. I work with high-end commercials and documentaries. If you ever consider shooting a music video and are looking for a Director, it'd be a pleasure.


patrick m. polaredit@yahoo.com

06/02/03 - DAVE BAVIDO -


05/26/03 - Kevin Gibbons -

Kraig, I was referred to you by Scott Goodrich of GoodRickSound. He's a friend and I asked him for some advice on mounting an internal pickup in my inexpensive [read 'cheap'] resonator guitar. He deferred to you as the best possible source for this info. I used it for a gig Saturday night for the first time. We tried to mike it but it was a feedback nightmare, and I couldn't hear a note of what I was playing. I think a pickup is the only answer.

05/25/03 - Jeff Lazier -

HEY Man,I seen you at Long grove Fest.Thought you were great.Im from Streamwood also.Friends with Bill Ducote. who lives down the street from you.He said something about a live album in your backyard. I would like to attend.Can you let me or Bill know when.Where can i get a T-shirt? thanks take care

Jeff Lazier

05/23/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hey Kraig! I haven't written you in a long time. I have been off track because i had a lot of homework and the end of the year is coming, for instance last night we had 6th grade Recignition. So my class had to get rady for that. And for the Recignition we had to do a project and it took forever and i couldn't get on the computer until i had it done. And not to mention my internet wasn't hooking up. So that's why i didn't email fopr such a long time. Sorry, but i finally got to doing it, so i guess its better than not mailing you at all.

Peace *Lindsay*

05/19/03 - Dr. J -

Hey Kraig, From your web site and links, it looks as though you have been a busy guy- check out this program on line about roots/heritage music,- www.wpr.org/book/021124 enjoy, J

05/17/03 - Riley -

My wife and I saw you last night at the House in DeKalb and you were amazing. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for a great show and keep up the great music!

05/14/03 - Dan Johnson -

I play blues harmonica with a close friend of mine who plays slide guitar. He & I both really dig the music that you create. I was just turned on to your WEBsite tonight and am very impressed with what I've seen so far....

Keep up the good work.


05/12/03 - matt -

Hey. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed you playing at the cabin at UWEC last weekend. I came out of curiosity and had a great time. It would be great if you could make it up to the Eau Claire area again sometime soon. I'll spread the word to my friends. Thanks a lot

05/12/03 - Billy Carlisle -

Kraig, I just noticed you are working on a new CD with some live cuts. Can't wait to put that one in the collection. I think Sydd and I have collected 4 of your CDs to this point and I have just noticed there may be an earlier one or two that we don't have. You keep things interesting for the folks that keep up with you. Looking forward to seeing you in June. Kind Regards, Billy

04/26/03 - Lindsay -

Hi again! Just writing you for no reason. we are leaving so I have to go. Chat at ya latta.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/25/03 - kraig -

maktub = it is written

04/25/03 - aunt lucy -

what does maktub stand for?

04/25/03 - aunt lucy -

Howdy, Kraigs fans ! Hi friend the Hummingbirds are back down here in Durango! Spring is in the air, graduated from school. When is the next trip to Colorado? Steamboat any time soon? I think you need to do a southwest trip! I like your new shirts! Looks like you are doing well. Life is good! Peace

04/23/03 - Lindsay -

Hi Sorry I didn't write you. My teacher and friend really liked the autographs. They both hugged me. I have been really busy lately. After getting back to school from Spring Break just blew my mind. (A lot of Homework!) Instead of being like a stalker and writing you everyday I'll write you every 2 days OK!

Peace -Lindsay-

04/19/03 - Lindsay -

PS, Have a Happy EASTER :)!

04/19/03 - Lindsay -

Hi! Here I am again probably bugging you. Yah, your probably busy with easter so I won't write you till monday ok. I hope to see you soon BYE!

Peace -Lindsay-

04/18/03 - Lindsay -

HEY! Do you think you might be coming to my school (Roosevelt)again before the summer comes? I hope so. All my friends want you to come and perform for us again. Try to get back to me on that.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/17/03 - Lindsay -

Hi! My mom was on the computer all day yesterday so I couldn't email you. But I am today. Do you think you'll be back before October 18th? My friends birthday is that day and she really wants a cd and t-shirt so I was going to buy her that stuff.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/15/03 - Lindsay -

Hey! I really like the t-shirts. I got your email thanks for letting me know when you might be coming back. I can't wait.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/14/03 - Lindsay -

Hi Kraig! Here I am just like I said everyday im gonna email you :)! Hope to see you soon!

Peace -Lindsay-

04/13/03 - Lindsay -

Hi! I'm gonna email you once everyday from now on. At least once a day maybe more.

Peace -Lindsay- p.s. was that guy there last night (saturday Jeremy?)Any way I guess I am hooked. Yep hooked! BYE :)

04/13/03 - jeremy d. -

Hey again,

Could you recommend some of your personal influences. I'd like to expand my collection towards slide guitar.

Thanks again, Jeremy p.s. (I think Lindsay H. is hooked man!)

04/13/03 - jeremy & abbie dombrock -

Hey Kraig,

Nice job in Moline. Thanks for the lesson and advice. (Flat neck/strings, etc.) Why the hell do you paint your fingernails black anyway? I did it once too, just 'cause I thought it looked cool.

Peace, Jeremy

04/13/03 - Lindsay -

Hi! I emailed you at 10:51 last night right after your performance. Just to say thanks for the signatures you gave me they will be so excited. Try to come back to Moline another time soon!

Peace -Lindsay-

04/13/03 - BLAKE -

it was great meeting you tonight at the coffeehouse in moline and listening to your stuff -- reminded me of geo ballentine from richmond, va (old boyfriend). steel guitar is the best. you have a fan!

04/12/03 - Lindsay -

Hey! I really liked the performance tonight I still have the music stuck in my head. It was awesome. Thanks for the signatures for my friend and teacher, I really appreciate it. I hope I get to see you again when you visit here another time It's fun going to see you.

Peace -Lindsay- P.S. I just got back from your gig. See I always have time to write you! BYE DUDE!

04/11/03 - Lindsay H. -

Can we buy your CDs tommorrow?

04/11/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hi again! I'm probably annoying you aren't I? Well I think its fun talking to you thats why. See you tommorrow. Just so you regonize me I look like a girl with short blonde hair and blue Vans tennis shoes. I'll have a silver watch on and a silver bracelet and ring. Say hi if you see me!

Peace -Lindsay-

04/11/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hi Kraig! Guess what i can come to your performance on Saturday at Fireworks. I can't wait.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/10/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hey dude! I might be able to come to your performance on Saturday at Fireworks.

Peace -Lindsay-

04/08/03 - Pete Mesha -

Saw you this weekend at the Downers Grove Library...as usual, very entertaining. I like the new CD.

04/08/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hey Dude I got your email! I freaked out my mom was on the computer and she said you got Email from Kraig. And I was so excited that I got email from a guy that I admire. You are one of my Idols and it turns out that I have a birthday party on Saturday the same time as you are gonne be at Fireworks. I chose to go see you. I hope I can go! Man, that would stink to miss it how often to get to see you! I haven't since I think November. But I've been keeping in touch by writing to you. I really want to go!

LYLAB ( Love Ya Like a Bro )

Peace Lindsay

04/07/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hi Kraig! Whats^? You r comin to Fireworks on April 9th and i might get to go! I really want to!

LYLAB ( Love Ya Like A Bro )

Peace Lindsay

03/30/03 - Bob Woods -

Love MAKTUB. Especially Wishi Ta.

03/16/03 - Lindsay H. -

Hi I haven't written you since December because i forgot your web page address my teacher ms cross still listens to your CD's so do I. I hope you come to Moline again

LYLAB (love ya like a bro) Bye Lindsay

03/13/03 - Gil Boilore -

Back in Michigan, way to cold and its a trap best stay where your at for awhile. You two were great Sasha ,I never was able to say bye. But its never good buy it realy always Hell0. See you when I do Later My Frind still fealing fine.

03/07/03 - Kevin O'Malley -

Kraig, on my way to CA for about 5 nights. Will be back on the 14th. Planning on making a trip to Naples/Ft. Myers on Tues 03/25 any chance you will be in the area? Tammy and Shannon say hello, hope the road is treating you well. Take care, Kevin O.

03/03/03 - Doobro -

Kraig, I saw you unleash the soft supple sounds of the glorious and fruitful specticle that was of thee in 2002. I nearly crapped my pants when I experienced the brutal savagery (yet tender caress) of your playing. I was hoping we could split a fresca, stare deep into each others eyes and you could call me 'Muffin'.

02/23/03 - Gil Boilore -

great Day! thanks for spending sometime and shareing some stories www.eniva.com

02/18/03 - Tim Merkel -

Hey Kraig, Haven't checked in with you for many a sunset. Trusting you are well, the voice is holding out and your strings ain't rustin. Looking forward to catchin up with you when you chase those warm winds back North again. I'll be looking to see if you will be playing the St. Charles, IL venues, or doing your practise sets at the Village Inn in C.Lake this year again. Nothing on the schedule so far though. Go with grace, TIM

02/17/03 - Joel & Rhonda Atkins -

Hi Kraig, Been listening to your new Cd "MAKTUB" and we are enjoying it very much. I(Joel) woke up two mornings in a row with the song "Flying High" playing in my mind. That song's chorus has a John Lennon vibe. Kraig, we love the writing, playing, singing, and production on your Cd's. We performed your song "Every Precious Moment" at the Unity Chuch in Sarasota. A woman in the audience asked us to sing that song at her wedding reception. We sang it as the sun went down over Sarasota Bay. Thanks for the tune! Your Friends Joel & Rhonda Atkins

02/16/03 - Stefan -

WHoaaaa!!!! Man you have truly inspired me as a performer who felt as though the heart of slide playing had been neglected and forgotten. I really enjoyed your online clips. I am saving up for your last album. I live in London and am always keen to catch up with any refreshing new sounds.

I hope all is well an you perform here sometime soon. Much Love and respect.

02/11/03 - michael french -

I had the pleasure to hear you play at the MCC campus Neal Auditorium opening for Dr. Helen Caldicott. I believe that I love your playing as much or more than I do Leo Kotke's playing. I look forward to hearing more of your work, especially the "visualization" numbers. Thank You

02/10/03 - sheila cohen -

Hi Kraig: My family and i really enjoyed your show yesterday in Punta gorda. Do you ever travel to Toronto? My son and daughter in law, louise and steve were with us yesterday and bought two of your cds. We are listening to them now. Steve and Lou would be very interested in seeing you if you are ever playing up north. The parks in Ontario are fab! anyway keep on trucking Kraig! We love your music.

Peace Sheila

02/08/03 - archie waid -

checked your tunes out onMNF the had to go see live at fogertiville. love that slide and dobro. thanks for autographing the cd's. enjoyed the music and conversation. "the dude on the bike". peace, bro. aw.

02/08/03 - mike mahoney -

have heard you a couple a times on wmnf radio.really sorry i missed the show at fogertyville cafe.hope to see you soon performing in this area. i have been playing slide for several years.your playing blows me away.thanx for the inspiration and beautiful playing.(you sing good also) mike mahoney bradenton

02/06/03 - Kevin O'Malley -

Kraig, what time are you playing this Sat at Fiesta Day? Would like to stop by and say hi. Let us know. Kevin O.

02/04/03 - Larry "The Spinmeister" Huro -

Hey Kraig.I've been listening to your music for weeks now.I don't know what took so long. Great stuff.I'm really enjoying your slide work alot.Hope to see you around Park Place sometime soon.

P.S. Your music has made it into my Spinning rotation.

02/03/03 - Mark and Nancy Petterson -

My wife and I checked you out in Crystal lake IL a while back, thought you where great. I gave the fine folks of FL the heads up on you via dirtragmag.com It`s a mountain biking site with a lot of music talk in the forum section. you fit right in with that crowd. By the way, one of your pictures looks like you`ve spent some time in the North (like the BWCA)It`s fine country.

01/29/03 - kathy o -

Wow-its great to hear that you are still rockin the tunes--words and/or music speak to the soul--we caught you a few years agoing at the borders in orland park-(somewhere in between cd)- after not listening to it for a while(my mistake!-have too many cds!) popped it in today it was refreshing in this"hazy shade of winter" day---Great to know you'll be back this way soon, will try to catch the Downers Grove show-if not for sure Homewood---"take your passion and make it happen!!)--Im sorry for the quotes-music junkie--this is original---Words and/or music speak to ones soul---Peace,love and rock and roll always-kathy

01/28/03 - Katie Culbert -

We've been looking forward to seeing ya since you were at the UU Dome last time. I imagine more folks will show up for a Skippers show - people would be absolutely crazy not to come see you play. We're gonna try and catch ya every chance we get while you are down here. Hoping to cruise down to Ft. Myers and spend the week-end when you are there. Didn't you say there was camping somewhere around there?

Take it easy my brother. Safe travels and love, love, love....



01/25/03 - Janis Jenna&Jorie Mach -

Hi Kraig How are you? It't cold here! We were coming down this winter to meet Heidi for a couple of weeks; but theres to much going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you when the buds are blossoming!


01/24/03 - Kevin O'Malley -

Kraig, give me a call as your tampa dates draw closer. Figure you might enjoy a hot shower, home cooked meal and roof over your head for a night or so. Let me know, hope your florida trip is proving sucessful so far. This el nino winter weather is downright cold! take care, kevin O.

01/20/03 - Andrea Stolle -

Hello, really, a wonderful website. It will be a pleasure to drop in again. I am the DJ of the radio show "Golden Country" at Radio Teutoburger Wald (RTW) in Germany and like to inform myself about the news of the country scene in Europe and in overseas by going through the internet. Good luck and success, Andrea Stolle ... GoCoRadio@stringhouse.de P.O. Box 4006, D - 32025 Herford, Germany

01/15/03 - Cathey -

I saw the schedule and was wondering if you play in Tn.; specifically around Knoxville. I plan to move there soon and hope my musical needs are met! Didn't you play with the Hillworms (Rockford) on their CD or am I thinking of someone else?

01/14/03 - Chris -

Kraig I happened to catch the last 15mins of your show on Sunday when I took my daughter to the Library. It's nice to see someone doing what they love and making others happy too. Bowe {R.M.High} and I are going to watch your schedule and when your back in town catch the whole GIG. c.h.d.

01/14/03 - Carole -

Kraig, It was good to see you Sunday at the library, but a real treat to hear you. The angels are still sprinkling their dust on you because your playing sounded sweet to all ears there. I myself was happy Mom invited me to a short afternoon out without a Maaaaama, or very small monster attached to my calf wiping drool and boogers (cold) whereever he can (he was saving up for when I got home!) I'd love to get out to see you again sometime! Thanks and enjoy your trip!, Carole

01/13/03 - David & Suzanne Fortune -


We really enjoyed hearing you and meeting you at The Firehouse a couple of weeks ago. Your playing is an inspiration to us both.

If we had not been playing on Sat. Jan. 11, we would have come to hear you again.

Have fun in Florida while the rest of us are freezing our fingers off in Illinois.

Suzanne & David [dba - STRANGE & WONDERFUL]

01/11/03 - Martin Schneider -

Kraig, I was at one of your performances a coulple years back in lake villa, illinois, at the public library. i just wanted to say that i heard better guitar playing that day than i have since.

Im a little disappointed that you wont be performing in michigan. Otherwise i'd be there.

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