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01/05/17 - Tim Merkel - eMail:

Kraig, Been thinking about you a lot lately, and came to your site for the first time in many months to catch up on your life and whereabouts. Just read every entry in this envirobook from it's 1994 inception and really appreciate all the great ideas. Moved back to Boulder, CO with Lisa in Feb '16 and am very involved with the Local Food Revolution going on here. I know pockets of good thought and Mother Earth protection are active all over the country and it's great to focus on that rather than the climate change deniers. Wishing you well my friend. Still enjoying Every Precious Moment! Troubled Waters indeed!! Don't unconsciously run the water while you're standing at the sink brushing your teeth.

05/13/16 - Wallace Chemicals - eMail:

Dear Buyers

This is to notify the public that Wallace Chemicals Limited do supply all types of Chemicals and also Crude oil, In both in large and small quantities. To any company that is in need, so please if you are in need you are advise to contact us via ( ) for further information.

Best Regard Wallace Chemicals

07/28/11 - Granthez -

Best concept for greening the music business.Best album ever made:

10/30/10 - Dennis Daryl Shamblin - eMail:

Please read my website

06/18/10 - Mary - eMail:

Just looking at pics of the disgusting oil and now methane gas seepage out of the BP Rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Hell has decided to reach it's ugly arm out of the depth of the earth to teach those of greed who really is the boss. No way to ever clean this all up and now so many will suffer from our precious helpless wildlife to every fisherman who only knew the Gulf as his life. This disaster is so far from being over and will have long lasting effect on the entire Gulf area from Mexico to Florida and all points inbetween. Next winter, Kraig I suggest setting up places to play on the Atlantic side of Florida, because by fall, I think that Gulf side of the state will be a ghost town to tourist. God, please help stop this spill. Punish those for the careless care just to save a buck and help those who lost their lives on that rig and their families.

04/20/10 - Cawbaby - eMail:

I've got news for ya. The earth's going to be alright... it's us we have to worry about. Luv ya man, happy travels. See you in Chi-town

05/31/09 - ridjunkmail -

Nice site ~ Keep up the great work ...

06/11/08 - john - eMail: jonhnt

loved the site trying to give info and sell compost bins and wormeries myself ,im at if anyone interested

10/18/07 - tanya bond - eMail:

Turn the lights off when you leave the room. tb

Save the birds and the bees and the leaves!!!!! Molly

09/21/07 - - eMail:

Hi, we like your site. The goal of our site,, is to improve the connection between people that provide green related information, services, and products and those that seek them. We are building a green directory and search engine and are anxious to get the thoughts of those in the green community. We invite you to come take a look and tell us what you think and/or post a link to your site in our directory. The url is Thanks!

09/17/07 - Rita Massey - eMail:

Is the hat to hide your face in case you run into another human?.....or to hide other thangs? tee hee

09/09/07 - Pam - eMail:

For those newspaper bags and rubber bands that may come with your daily paper - check with your newspaper delivery person. They may be thrilled to have them returned. Some carriers have to buy their own supplies, so it helps the hard working carrier (I sure don't want to be carrying papers at "o'dark-thirty" in the morning) and saves the Earth all at the same time. I just save teh bags and bands in one of the "returnable" bags, and then anchor it under my door rug before I go to bad at night, for the carrier's am pickup.

06/22/07 - Dean Fitzsimmons - eMail:

If GOD added an Eleventh Commandment, it might read: Thou Shalt Not Destroy the Environment!

05/21/07 - Donna Dixon - eMail:

Speak less, and listen more. Love & teach your children well. (Hmmm deja vu) Rescue animals. They may turn out to be the best friend and most grateful companion you will ever have. Leave nothing behind but your footprints. Carpe Diem!

04/22/07 - Connie B - eMail:

Learn to live without a cell phone, put up some beehives and help save the bees...without the bees nothing else we try to do will really matter :)

11/29/06 - Maureen Valley - eMail:

Gee...I had this great life altering suggestion for helping to preserve our environment...something that could change the world....but then I saw this picture...and well...gosh....uh....gee...I can't seem to remember what the hell I was going to say.

I'll try to delve into my addled brain and get back to you all.

Nice hat, Kraig. Maureen

10/21/06 - susan bennett - eMail:

I watched you play and sing with your guitar in the up and I think I am In love. { I had the golden retriever at my side.}

06/23/06 - Michelle Mehall - eMail:

I was just checking out the website for Kraig Kenning.

05/04/06 - Pam - eMail:

If you're doing spring cleaning and have items that may not use to you, but may have use to others, please check out the web site - Its a fast growing idea that helps keep things out of the landfill and provide items to others that may want or need what you no longer want or need.

12/15/05 - Jackie - eMail:

Your site and music are wonderful! We lost a lot of trees in S. FL this year...replant! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing you again in Jan. in Miami!

07/05/05 - Jennie Cross - eMail:

the best tip I have is to educate your children on the value and scarcity of natural resources. Sure we reduce, reuse and recycle. But I think raising children to actually cherish, respect and value the planet is probably one of the best things we can do.

It doesnt hurt to take nature walks and pick up trash while you do. We also went vegetarian as another way to leave a smaller footprint.

Just my thoughts. :-)

12/30/04 - Cindy - eMail:

Here are a few ideas to help everyone reduce holiday waste! 1. Disposing of Xmas trees - These trees can make great additions to a brush pile in your yard. Brush piles create small habitats and hiding places for birds, reptiles and amphibians. Can't do that ... many communities recycle and mulch Christmas trees and many will pick it up curb-side. Please ... never put your old tree in a large plastic bag to be disposed of! 2. Save all the holiday cards you were sent. Next year cut the decorative covers off and use them for holiday postcards or get creative and use the images to create collages on packages rather than using wrapping paper. The imprinted words inside make great gift labels. 3. If you are hosting a New Year's eve party ask your guests to bring their own festive mug rather than using throw away cups. If you are attending a party take your own mug and start a trend. 4. Plan food portions for your party carefully to avoid waste - visit the Use Less Stuff web site for tips on how much food to prepare based on the number of people expected. 5. Begin a conversation now with your friends and family about meaningful gift giving for all coming holidays. Check out the web site of A Greater Gift, for unique gift items that support fair trade and artisan communities world wide. 6. Remember the spirit of the holidays and spread love, peace and good will to all!

10/27/04 - troll(adam) -

Hey kraig, I BET I CAN PICK YOU UP!!! Hows it going. i got back to NY ok and i figured i would visit your site. i havent got an email yet but when i get one i will put it in your guest book. well i got to go. (troll)

04/05/04 - d jeffery -

I hope I didnt offend anyone on the site by my off KILTer comment. Didnt mean to reduce the significance of the forum. Just having a jibe at my friend Kraig. Wondering what hes up to? miss the music. Been a while. Most of us that have two hands can carry several thing out of the store. Dont nned a bag. Dont use one. Hope is all around us. Spread the word


Kraig Im not sure that picture is you in the woodsa nked. Envirotip:Animals have feelings

12/12/03 - Dad - eMail:

What a beautiful statement to nature the opening photo expresses. Hmmm. Everything is environmentally safe except what lies beyond the hat. Too late Kraig, "Adercrombe & Fitch" has aready pulled there ad campaign.


11/28/03 - Beverly - eMail:

Holiday greetings to all...

Here are a couple websites to places where you can find some eco-friendly and alternative gifts for those folks you know who share these ideals:

Peace to all, and happy holidays, Beverly Hill


More than half of all Americans reach for a cup of coffee every day. Much of the coffee we drink is grown in Latin America where migratory songbirds spend the winter months. They thrive in the shelter of forests, as does traditional "shade-grown" coffee.

But, in the past 40 years migratory songbirds have declined by an alarming 50%. The destruction of their forest habitat is a primary cause.

The good news is that you can be a part of the solution. Here's how:
- Buy sustainable coffees that save songbird habitat: those that are shade-grown, organic and fair-trade certified.
- Learn more about sustainable coffees and their benefits to birds, forests and farmers at
- Support our education campaign by making a donation to The Songbird Foundation at

05/21/03 - Kevin -

I think what Dan did with his kids is great. I did something similar with my 2 kids (in college now). We also took 2 bags (1 trash; 1 recycle) on our walks through Creve Couer Park. It was amazing how little time it took to fill them.

I also made it clear to them how I felt whenever someone would throw crap out of their car windows (currency excluded).

I think some bad habits are just inherited by bad examples. Hopefully some good habits can be passed along the same way

05/14/03 - Dan Johnson - eMail:

Teach the next generation.... When my children (now 7 & 10 yrs. old) were very young (age 4 - 5 ish) We would go for short walks in our neighborhood for the sole purpose of picking up trash. We would take two bags... One for recycling stuff and one for "trash". They were always amazed at how much of OTHER people's trash we collected during our short walk. It made them VERY aware of their environment and how important it is to take care of it, so it will be here for their kids to enjoy.... That's how my Uncle Fred taught me & my brother many years ago... Today, they are very concious of the environment, and I think that it has helped to make them more responsible about everything they do, and how it affects others.

04/28/03 - Pam - eMail:

to add to Kevin's post, many of the local UPS and mailing type stores here will also take clean used bubble wrap. Most dry cleaners will take back hangers that are in good shape. The city I live in will take the old beat up, rusty, etc... metal hangers as part of their metal recycling - keep hangers - as well as packing peanuts and bubble wrap - out of land fills too!

04/26/03 - Kevin -

From the MBE site:
The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. locations Recycle. Most of our locations accept clean foam packing "peanuts" for reuse/recycling. Contact your neighborhood location to find out how you can help the environment

01/28/03 - Katie Culbert - eMail:

I am the lead organizer for a new co-ed inclusive and welcoming youth organization called the Earth Scouts.

The group will earn badges as they learn about the principles of the Earth Charter: respect for nature, economic justice, universal human rights, and a culture of peace. I know Kraig is digging this and thought a few of y'all might be too.

If anyone wants to learn more about how to help make the Earth Scouts happen please shoot me an email!

Peace and Love to All, Katie

12/31/02 - Denise Chicoine - eMail:

There's a great book for heightening our awareness about the health of our homes: My House is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma by Jeffrey C. May.

The book is divided into the rooms of a typical home with solutions to each problem at the end of every chapter. It's an eye opener!!

12/27/02 - J. Smith - eMail:

Dear Friends,

The emphasis of this page is to assist concerned citizens to easily sign up for important email lists during the 2003-2004 Congressional sessions. Users will be able to receive email alerts from organizations of their choice and users will be able to easily make their voices heard on important proposed legislative policies and representative accountability issues.

Join with many citizens and organizations that will be working together during 2003 and 2004 to help to hold representatives and policy makers accountable on all issues. -Jeff Smith,, programmer -Northern Illinois

11/21/02 - Pam - eMail:

November 29th is "Buy Nothing Day". Boycott the holiday shoppping frenzy and buy nothing. for more info, check out

Organize a swap meet with friends. Bring items from your home that are hiding in backs of closets, or collecting dusk. Bring them out into the light of day and help them circulate in the Universe. The old saying what's one person's trash, is another's treasure, is so true. Its a fun way to have "new" things without feeding the shopping mall madness monster. I've taken part in several swap meets, they're quite fun. and we had someone from a local homeless/transitional shelter come and take any remaining items they thought their folks could benefit from. Clean out your house and help others too.

11/05/02 - Diane -

If you work in a place that does not recycle, as I often have, once in a while pack up some of their papers and bring them home and put them in your own recycling bin.

07/01/02 - kraig -

good job matt

but you have to learn to be patient and not loose your cool it does get frusteratin how enviro-mental some folks are


06/29/02 - Matt Quinnan - eMail:

Every time I go to the store they just assumed I want a bag so they put what I buy in a bag without asking me. I told the lady that I did not need a bag, and took what I bought out and placed the bag on the counter...the lady said to me...take your trash with you and she just leaned over and through away the bag. I was shocked that see did that...but any way, if you donít need a bag tell the person in advance that you donít need one, and hopefully you donít get some crazy mean person yelling at you...

04/16/02 - Sydd - eMail:

Running an office for a Brisbane, Australia outfit gave me new insight into recycling! For instance, we could never throw away a sheet of paper until BOTH sides of it had been used. We just stacked it all printed side up in a bin and reused it in our printer. All of our boxes from office supplies had to be reused. we'd just break them down and store them for future use. Our old business cards were turned over and used as scrap paper. All telephone messages were given on the computer so paper wasn't wasted. Thankfully the groadie stuff in the fridge was NOT recycled - at least, not to my knowledge! They must be the people that came up with this advice: Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without! After a couple of years with the Aussie mates I am still recycling. Good on them (as they like to say).

They also recycled beer - we Americans call it a restroom. To them it's the beer recycling department! Not sure what I think about that one. ;-)


04/02/02 - Amy Bliss - eMail:

Just like to acknowledge the Old Packing House in Sarasota, Florida for changing their throw away products such as plastic ware utensils, plates, etc. to flatware, every little bit helps to not accumulate waste and help out the environment. Now, if only Bert's Bar on Pine Island, Florida would get hip to changing their throw away products! I have had the oppourtunity to eat their several times and the food is awesome as well as the view over the water. Great place to hang out!

Also, I would like to acknowledge Kraig for his mindfulness regarding the environment, everytime he orders out he brings his own tupperware containers. Way to go!

02/23/02 - Pam - eMail: Non Toxic cleaning.

I've gone to using a lot of white vinegar for cleaning in the home. It cuts through a lot of dirt and crud and rinses off nicely. It's high acidity deters growth of mildew and fungus, and is certainly less toxic than some of the shower cleaners containing caustic chemicals.

02/04/02 - Vince - eMail: NA

Smokers-this one is for you! Next time you are in the woods, or any other natural area, if you MUST smoke, try bringing a pouch of tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes with a natural hemp rolling paper which will break down in the soil fairly easily. If you can't leave that box of Camels behind, then when you are finished you can empty the rest of the tobacco out of the filter, and stick the filter(s) under your shoe laces or the buckels on your sandals to dispose of later! You can also bring a small pouch to put them in if you don't want to stink up your shoes! I am a smoker, (who will keep on quitting), yet it always bothers me to see cigarette butts strewn on the side of the road, or in a natural area. Remember-Love is not shown best with one grand action, but with many small ones. Evrything DOES make a difference!

02/03/02 - Jennifer - eMail:

Plant local,native species of flowers+trees+bushes(the seeds are free -wait 'till they're hard, store in freezer), they will love your climate, won't need fertilizer or sprays, and you'll preserve a seed bank.

08/21/01 - Angie - eMail:

Those disposable chopsticks at asian restaurants... pleeeease. Isn't a tree prettier?

06/02/01 - Lisa Wilcox - eMail:

Start a compost pile, use the black gold from Mother Earth to feed the soil when gardening and not use pesticides. Try to grow only Organic flowers, vegetables and fruits.

03/04/01 - Curtis Venters - eMail:

Use old newspapers in your garden to keep weeds down, spread them at the base of plants about two layers thick, it will keep the weeds from growing, then you won't have to use weed killers!

09/09/00 - kraig -


DONT WASTE paper napkins or paper towls if you dont have to use rags and cloth napkins until they need to be washed

1994 - Kraig - eMail:

This world that we share can be overwhelming. When I look at the problems we face, it's sometimes easy to think , 'What's the use?' The way I see it, we do have a choice. Each and every one of us has the capability and responsibility to make a difference. Stop living in the destructive lifestyles most of us were brought up with. Start thinking for yourself and realize what you as an individual can do to preserve this beautiful home we call EARTH. A simple rule of thumb is to hold yourself accountable for every product you buy or use. Be inventive with ways to avoid waste. Now kick back with a glass of clear water and have a huge dose of Some Faith.

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