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9/24 Newsletter

2 years have passed since the start of our latest CD "MAKTUB". So much of life has passed through me since then; some very exciting meetings, long adventures, valuable lessons, and plenty of time for thinking and growing.

I'm very proud to say the new CD is ready for duplication. In my opinion this is our best effort yet. I'm really digging the sounds we got as well as the song content. I'll admit it's a bit "out there" in spots. 6 instrumentals wound up on this one.

I'm a bit worn out but I'm very grateful for the completion, and looking forward to moving on with both my music and my life. I wish for all you, my friends, much joy and peace through out your journey


From the Webmaster:

I put one complete track from the new CD, "Peace", on the Web for you to download. It is a good quality (128kb) mp3. You can find it at:

The new CD should be shipping in about a month. We are taking advance orders now, and will ship them out as soon as we get them in stock. The first 100 sold will be signed and numbered, making them truly precious moments. You can order at:

Florida Folk - It won't be long and Kraig will be visiting the Sunshine State. Look for him at various times from November through March. Check the web for the latest schedule updates at:

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