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3/9 Newsletter

hello everyone

As most of you know I've been on tour in Florida for quite a while now. All is cool. Home has a different meaning now. It's still where the heart is, but it's just spread all over the place. The camper van has been needing some tweeks along the way, but that is to be expected. I'm very gracious for the CD sales which have enabled me to keep doing what I do, and, as usual, the kindness, and help the universe supplies me, is mind blowing.

I'll be back in the midwest in April, and I have some nice theatre performances lined up. The steele beam theatre (4/6), and the bartlett park dist (4/27) are two that come to mind.

The meetings have been many; and the good byes somtimes as quick as the hellos, but they are accumulating in my heart, and I thank you all for them

I like the way everyone calls each other 'honey' down here in fla

Peace Kraig

----------------------- From The Webmaster --------------------------

Besides the CDs, which we've always offered on the Web site, now we have an awesome Henley shirt for sale. You can also pick up a poster, or autographed photo. Check this stuff out

Ordering with credit card is easier now that paypal has a shopping cart. You can still mail your order in if you like.

We've got more coming to the Web page (soon, we hope). We're going to try to hook you up with some audio and video of Kraig's shows.

Found out from Tom Gallagher, an old friend of Kraig's, that Kraig's music is getting a lot of airplay on an Internet radio site. If you like Kraig's stuff and the Allman Brother's (I do), you'll like this station. Give it a try, request some of Kraig's stuff. Here's the info Tom supplied me with:

Radio Hittin' The Web offers live air play for Kraig Kenning

Radio Hittin' The Web plays Allman Brothers Band and related music 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The playlist conforms to the Digital Millenium Computing Act which, amongst other things, restricts how often music by a particular artist can be played. So -- you will hear a variety of artists such as Kraig Kenning mixed in with ABB and closely related bands. Pass the Hat and Every Precious Moment are on the current playlist. Stop over and make a request.

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